Run, Runner, Run: Seven Ways to Run

November 5th, 2011. Filed under: Sewing on Saturday.

Do you have table runners for the different seasons?  I don’t, but have been thinking a lot about them lately.  I don’t know if I’m going to make table runners or place mats.  My dilemma is a round table.  Do any of you all have table runners on a round table?

I’ve been checking out Thanksgiving runners and thought I’d share some tutorials I found.

  • Burlap and corn husks – this is something I would never, ever have come up with!
  • Burlap without the corn husks
  • There must just be something about Thanksgiving that says burlap.  Here’s another one.
  • This time the burlap is ruffled.
  • Here’s a quick on with patchwork strips.
  • Reversible Bias Tape Table Runner
  • Another burlap table runner – this time with fringe.  This is the one that makes my heart go pitty pat.  It’s the classy little black dress of table runners, and it’s EASY.  Check it out.

I’m still undecided though.  I don’t think it would look as classy on a round table – especially a rattan table with glass top.  It looks so good on that dark wood table.  It almost makes me want a new table just like the one in the tutorial, except I don’t think it would fit in with everything else here on the island.

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  1. Rene

    Thanks so much for including my table runner Nancy!

  2. Nancy

    You’re very welcome. I love it. I love the table, too. lol

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