California Dreaming

May 15th, 2017. Filed under: Monday's Musings.


California has had a large percentage of the U.S. dreaming for several years now.

First it was the fact that so many celebs were going to move if Trump won. They’re still here, so those were just pipe dreams.

Then the Calexit movement began. Lots of people are asking, “How can we help you?”

Now California wants to become a “sanctuary” state. Maybe all the illegal criminals will move there. If this happens along with the state’s succession from the republic, we could just extend the border wall up the side of California, and protect the U.S.

Well, I hate to shatter your dreams, folks, but that’s all they are. California is just like Hollywood. All smoke and mirrors. A lot of hot air. A lot of people pretending to be different people. Dreams can be very pleasant, so keep on dreaming. Maybe someday your dreams really will come true.

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