A Gathering in Hope

September 7th, 2016. Filed under: Wednesday's Wonders.

A Gathering in Hope


By Philip Gulley

Thanks to an unexpected windfall, Sam Gardner’s congregation (with the exception of a few malcontents) is eager to expand their meetinghouse. But before building can commence, the County Environmental Board and the Department of Natural Resources put the quietus on the plan.

A colony of endangered Indiana bats have made the tree beside the meetinghouse, and the meetinghouse attic, their place of hanging, mating, and living, which poses a big problem for the congregation. Aside from the fact that their fanged visitors are engaging in sinful acts on church property, until these bats leave for hibernation, Hope Friends Meeting is left without a gathering place. And when an over-zealous Leonard Fink takes matters into his own hands, he may even land himself–and Sam–in jail.


More excitement in the small town of Hope. Why is it always the peace loving Friends who seem to stir up the trouble?

It’s always a pleasure to visit pastor Sam Gardner and his lovely wife, but someone has bats in the belfry. That can be a mess.

Especially if bat poop, an evangelist, a tandem bike, parents moving in, a huge inheritance and a DNR woman are in the mix.

Don’t ask. Just read.

I’m already looking forward to the next Hope book. Thank you, Mr. Gulley. This former small town Hoosier wishes she lived in Hope at the same time as Sam’s congregation.

***A special thank you to Caanan Byrd for providing a copy.***


Phil Gulley is a pastor at Fairfield Friends Meeting in Camby, Indiana, near Indianapolis. He lives in the nearby town of Danville with his wife Joan and their two dogs, Ruby and Jack. They have two sons, and one granddaughter, Madeline, who rules the roost.

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