Bailout Approved by Congress

February 11th, 2009. Filed under: Wednesday's Wonders.

A breaking news alert from The New York Times stated that a deal compromise has been reached by the House and Senate.  The package pared back Democrats’ proposed spending on education and health in favor of tax cuts needed to win over Republicans.  I’ve not had a chance to read the final wording, but there’s probably still a lot of pork and pay back in this bill.  Hopefully, they have enough in there to actually stimulate the economy.  There were a lot of good things in the bill as it was, but not a very large percentage that would provide jobs.  Mr. President, that’s where we thought you were going to go.

It’s been difficult for a lot of people to keep a good attitude during this recession/depression.  We give the the banks a bailout and they turn around and raise interest rates on credit cards, but not on savings of any kind.  Then they go back with hands out for more.  Banks are not showing us that they want to stimulate the economy.  And another thought. Are we still going to reward all the illegals with amnesty and then give them more on top of that?  Why doesn’t Washington consider giving U.S. citizens and legal aliens the same benefits?  We work, pay taxes, go to war and do a lot of things to support our country.  We don’t want a kick in the teeth for being upstanding citizens. 

You can also read about this agreement in the Washington Post.

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