Happy Birthday, Anne Marie

September 7th, 2015. Filed under: Reruns.

Happy Birthday to my Labor Day baby!

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 My daughter was a Labor Day baby.  Of course, she’s no longer a baby.  She’s a beautiful young woman.  But the memories of that much awaited daughter are still strong.  Her birth wasn’t expected for another two weeks or more.  Her older brother was two weeks late, so I wasn’t prepared for this child to be born yet.

Do you not think it a bit presumptuous for a doctor to go out of town over Labor Day when he has an expectant mother so close to delivering?  That’s just asking for it.  It took most of the day, but I had my daughter.  I wanted a daughter so much that I refused to hope even a little.  I wouldn’t even look at little girl clothes.  Everything that I purchased was gender neutral.  But I made up for it later.

The joy of a new mother is one of God’s miracles.  I was overwhelmed with joy when I was blessed with this beautiful baby girl.  Anne Marie, I’m glad that you were that little Labor Day baby.  I love you very much.

First posted September 7th, 2009.

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