The Case of the Jewel Covered Cat Statues

January 27th, 2015. Filed under: Tuesday's Tempting Reads.

The Case of the Jewel Covered Cat Statues


By Cindy Vincent

Perfect for the middle grader in your life, Cindy Vincent’s The Case of the Jewel Covered Cat Statues (the third Buckley and Bogey Cat Detective Caper book) is a heartwarming mystery uncovering the real treasures in life — our friends.

Buckley and Bogey, Cat Detectives, find their next big case with the Buckley and Bogey Cat Detective Agency to be their most complicated ever!

When someone hides a mysterious package in their mom’s antique store, the boys find it—but that’s when a whole bunch of suspicious people who are after the package show up in St. Gertrude! Holy Catnip! Coincidentally, a priceless, jeweled statue collection goes on display at the St. Gertrude Museum. Missing from that collection are two jewel covered cat statues that disappeared almost a hundred and fifty years ago.

Soon Buckley and Bogey wonder how long those statues will stay missing. Because this is one case that really keeps them on their paws


Cat detectives. Give me a break. (Did you just see me roll my eyes?)

Actually, they did a really good job investigating a crime and helping prevent more crimes. Buckley and Bogey run the Buckley and Bogey Cat Detective Agency. There’s a whole herd of cat friends who assist them.

These cats are quite ingenious, and kept my attention throughout the book.

Holy Mackerel! I want to see what their caseload will bring next. I’ll have to go back and read about their first two capers.

Thank you, Ms Vincent. I like the way your mind works. If I’m not careful, you’ll turn me into a cat person.

***A special thank you to litfuse for providing a review copy.***

Cindy Vincent was born in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, and has lived all around the US and Canada. She holds an M.A.Ed, and is the creator of the Mysteries by Vincent murder mystery party games and the Daisy Diamond Detective Series games for girls. She is also the award-winning author of the Buckley and Bogey Cat Detective Caper books, the Daisy Diamond Detective book series, and Cats are Part of His Kingdom, Too: 33 Daily Devotions to Understanding God’s Love. She lives with her husband and the real, live Buckley and Bogey, who run surveillance on her house each and every night.

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