Baby, It’s Cold Outside

January 18th, 2014. Filed under: Nancy's Recipe Box.

010 Old _Spring River Inn_ sign__ Riverton KS

It’s even cold down here on the island. I know you all up there think we are a bunch of wimps, but temps in the forties and fifties are cold for us.

I decided to share some recipes that will warm not only your insides, but also the kitchen while they bake.

These recipes come from the Spring River Inn in Riverton, Kansas on the historic Route 66. It was closed in 1996 and burned down two years later. The sign is in the process of being restored by the Kansas Historic Route 66 Association.

Spring River Inn Cinnamon Rolls

Use a basic dough recipe. Roll a glob of dough in melted butter, then pinch off egg sized hunks of the dough and roll in a 6:1 cinnamon/sugar mixture. Drop all into a pan; let rise until double in sige. Bake 30-40 minutes at 375-400F.

Spring River Inn Squaw Bread

Use a basic bread dough recipe. Cut into 1″ squares and deep fry at 400F.

Neither one of these recipes are difficult, but they certainly are yummy.

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