Humor and Talent in the Medical Profession

July 26th, 2013. Filed under: Reruns.

First posted January 17, 2011

Whenever I have surgery I want my surgical team to be skilled and dedicated to do the very best job they possibly can.  I’ve never considered anything else, but what I’ve discovered about the other talents lurking in the OR have me doubled over.  In pain, you ask.  No.  In hysterics, you ask.  No.  Well, maybe a little.  What is going on here?  It’s a laryngospasm.  Or rather, The Laryngospasms.

I realize that we nurses have a weird sense of humour.    I began working on my warped medical humour when I started in ER as a volunteer.  I’ve managed to expand it as I worked my way through university, back into the ER and critical care.  Then I began fine tuning it as I branched out into psych and watch out, cruise ships here I come!  Can you imagine the opportunities there?

Update I forgot to include prison correctional facility nursing. Yes, warped nurses can find humour there, too.

It doesn’t matter if you’re in OR, ER or any other location, we are concentrated on making sure you Breathe.  In ER we do just about anything except headstands to keeping you breathing (at least until you’re in someone else’s department).  Our motto is get them in and get them out.

Of course, we respect the talents of our doctors, especially those in interesting professions.

Back to my first love and place where I cut my nursing teeth – the ER.

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  1. Nova

    Great blog post!!
    I was trying really hard not to laugh but then I clicked on the ‘doctors’ link and couldn’t contain my laughter anymore.

  2. Nancy

    It’s mighty hard not to laugh out loud on that one.

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