Pork Buys Votes

June 8th, 2013. Filed under: Reruns.

First posted December 21, 2009

All stops pulled with ramming this health care bill through by Christmas.  Gotta make the promises look better before the year is over.

Business as usual.  Pork is buying the votes.  An article in The New York Times today tells the story of the hidden pork that is pushing through Obamacare.

Is this version of the health care bill worth pushing through?  That’s something every voter should research and decide for himself.  Do you know what’s in this bill?

Update: Nancy Pelosi said that we had to pass this bill so we’d know what is in it. Well, they passed it, we know some of what’s in it and a whole bunch of us do not like what’s in it. No wonder she kept it secret. I’m sure a lot of people who voted for it, would have thought twice about voting for it if they had actually read the bill.

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