You Took My Job!

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First posted May 1, 2009

Obama still wants to give illegal immigrants a “pathway” to become legal.  I’m sorry, but that pathway should have started at the border.  Instead, they enter illegally and continue to break the law on a daily basis.  I know that Obama wanted the Hispanic vote and a good way to get it is to tell them that it really doesn’t matter if they do not abide by our country’s laws.  How many of us who are citizens or legal immigrants receive that same message?  We are expected to obey our country’s laws and subsidize the illegals.

I know that many like to use that old “they do the jobs we don’t want to do.”  That isn’t good enough.  Maybe at one time that argument might have had a little more validity.  Right now we are losing jobs right and left while we’re waiting for the “stimulus” to start giving us jobs.  We are sliding so far into a pit of debt, that our children won’t even begin to see it’s ending.  I know many people who are willing to work at any job, any time, any place.

I have to say to the illegals, please go home and re-enter our country legally.  I am not anti-immigration.  I am all for giving legal immigrants the help they need to get settled in and become part of our community.  But please, don’t start breaking our laws before you even get here and expect me to say, “Welcome.  Would you like for us to take a job away from someone and by the way, we’ll even pay for your health care and education, as well as your share of the taxes, ? ”

Sorry for the rant today, but I see too many people struggling right now.  You can read a little more about this subject in the New York Times.

Update This really hasn’t changed all that much four years later except the country is in a bigger financial mess and we are paying more and more for the entitlements given to illegals.

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