Port of Call: Dominica

May 21st, 2009. Filed under: Thursday's Travels.

 No, I don’t mean the Dominican Republic.   We’re stopping at a small island named Dominica.  Dominica is a nature lover’s paradise in miniature. This little island nation is only 16 miles wide by 29 miles long and nearly two-thirds of it is covered by some of the most pristine rain forest in the world. 

Dominica has an abundance of natural beauty including mountains, 365 rivers rushing to the sea and the world’s second largest boiling lake. This lake is about 6.5 miles east of Roseau and there is no road leading to it.  People have to hike about three hours one way to reach this quirk of nature.

Dominica has received increasing recognition as an ideal destination for the viewing of social units of Sperm Whales. The opportunities to see the interactions of females, males, juveniles and young calves may be unsurpassed anywhere else in the world. This and the many other types of whales and dolphins make Dominica a popular destination for tourists interested in whale-watching.

If you want to see what makes Dominica one of the best places in the Caribbean to dive, whale & dolphin watch, hike, bird watch, explore a pristine tropical rain forest, discover the unique culture of the island or to find one of Dominica’s secluded beaches visit Virtual Dominica

Dominica may be small, but it’s mighty in terms of what’s available to guests and tourists.  Not many small ports can boast of having such an abundance.  Let your wanderlust take you to this nature lover’s jewel box. 

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