A Pressing Problem

March 3rd, 2012. Filed under: Sewing on Saturday.

It appears that many ladies don’t bother to drag out the iron while creating clothing.  I will not be naming names or showing photos.  There are many photos across of the blogosphere showing creases where the fabric has been folded and the other wrinkles that are an inevitable when sewing a garment.

Maybe these ladies are self-taught, but that still is a poor excuse for not even pressing the completed garment.  I can’t imagine why someone would not press out the creases from the fabric before trying to cut out the pattern pieces.  Logic says that’s the only way to cut out the pieces accurately. 

Pressing the seams during construction is another matter.  If no one has ever taught a person to do that, it just might not occur to everyone that they will create a more professional look that way.

Are any of my readers skipping this part of construction?  If so, please share why.

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