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If you want to raise great kids, the first step is to become a great dad! 

A Complete Do-itYourself Guide for Becoming a Great Father


There is a do-it-yourselfer in every man. He looks for a project to do on weekends, but what about the project of becoming a better dad? Project Dad (ISBN: 978-0-8007-1999-9, April 2011, $12.99) is a humorous, enjoyable, biblically-based guidebook written for dads by a dad. Author, Todd Cartmell, Psy.D., takes readers on a fun and compelling journey of re-building a dad to become a great dad if you want to raise great kids.

Project Dad speaks the language of dads: short entertaining chapters, tongue-in-cheek humor, references to BBQ and a complete look at what it takes to be a great dad. The chapters are broken into five key components:

1. How to look at your children

2. How to talk to your children

3. How to connect with your children

4. How to act toward your children

5. How to lead your children

At the end of each chapter, there are discussion questions making this book ideal for individual or group study.

This guidebook encourages fathers to raise their children with a renewed sense of purpose and gives them the tools they need to become the dad their children are longing for.

Project Dad is a humorous and practical guide book written by a dad to other dads. Todd Cartmell’s warm and engaging style will have fathers laughing from the first few pages, and gives doable hands-on advice for becoming a better dad.  This book will make an excellent Father’s Day gift!


What do you think makes a great dad?  It’s difficult for me to round up all the virtues that I think make a great dad.  I don’t think I have the space to list them all.  I’ve had two great fathers in my life and the one quality that comes to my mind is love.  My first father was not my biological father, who chose to abandon my mother and me.  My father was the man who chose to marry my mother and adopt me because of the love he had for us.  Then much later in life my stepfather entered the picture when he married my widowed mother.  He was another shining example of love.  He made me happy, because he made my mother so happy.  I’ve truly been blessed with the dads in my life.

About the Author: Todd Cartmell is a licensed clinical psychologist and a father of two. He is in full-time private practice in Wheaton, Illinois, where he works with children, adolescents, and families. He lives in Geneva, Illinois, with his family.

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  2. Mary

    when he leaves me a message on facebook just to say hi

  3. Nova

    I remember my dad sitting up in the middle of the night with me during every single thunderstorm when I was younger! I still don’t like thunderstorms.

  4. Alice

    I see how gentle he is with the cats and dog, and how gruffly loving he is toward the grandchildren. I remember how the neighbor children thought he was scarey, but we never did.

  5. Nancy

    Thanks, Mary and Nova. Dads do so many special things for us.

  6. Nancy

    Thanks, Alice for sharing your special father thoughts.

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