The Fitness Struggle

April 22nd, 2011. Filed under: Finance & Fitness Fridays.

 This is a struggle I’ve been having since January 2nd of this year when a kid rammed into the back of my car while I was stopped at a traffic signal.  That’s not my car, but you get the picture.  This kid received a traffic ticket and I received a disability. 

Even though I was wearing my seat belt, the right side of my body was thrown forward and then I was slammed back into the head rest.  Think immediate whopper of a headache, mild confusion and pain – almost total body pain by the next day. Now I know what a whiplash injury feels like – pain from neck down to lower back and then some.  I had some really nasty x-rays, but no fractures.

I thought if I did everything my doctor said to do and didn’t miss any treatments or physical therapy, I’d be back 100% and working in no time.  That didn’t happen.  I will have enough of a permanent disability that I will no longer be able to work any more nursing shifts.

This took me weeks to accept and even longer before I could go over to the mainland and turn in my resignation.  So now I’m learning how to do the ordinary day to day living that I took for granted a few short months ago. 

I’m learning to space standing activities and sitting down stuff.  On days that I’m feeling really well, I have a tendency to forget that and over do.  That sets me back for a few days, but I’m learning not to blow the next several days by pretending I can do everything on those good days.

I’ve found a very good way to explain to others just what my days are like.  It’s called  The Spoon Theory, and I found it here.  It was written by a lady with lupus, and explains life from the viewpoint of someone with a chronic health condition.

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